Director Friday

Toni Ernst
V.P. Hosting

Toni became involved with Lilac Festival in 2010 when she offered to be a Purple Coater for the Lilac Festival Court. Toni was happy to help out because one of her favorite memories growing up was attending the Spokane Lilac Festival Parade as a little girl.

She likes volunteering for the Lilac Festival because she gets great satisfaction from promoting the military, our youth, and our city. She also enjoys the camaraderie with other directors.


Thanks for all of your help behind the scenes Toni!


Royalty take in pledges for telethon

Last week the Princesses got to be part of the telethon on KHQ!
During that time they took pledges, talked about Spokane Lilac Festival’s future events, and Marley even got to do the weather!

With your help we were able to raise $4,687!
This is more than what we have averaged in the last 4 years.

So thank you to everyone who called in and donated. We greatly appreciate all your help.

Even Claire Grahams were there, rocking their purple bowties in the official KHQ Dog Stroller!

Thank you princesses for being part of such a fun and supporting event.

telethon RW dogs


Fairchild AFB helps empower our youth by opening their Communications Squadron to students

The 92nd Communications Squadron recently held a STEM event, the first of its kind, where they partnered with Greater Spokane Incorporated to bring different Spokane area high school students to come visit February 8th, 2018.

This event aimed to give students a prospective about how important the communications squadron is to the military mission. This type of experience helps bridge the gap between education, industry and the military.

“It’s good to open up the Air Force to the next generation of youth that might be joining and show them the different opportunities in technology that the Air Force offers,” said Senior Airman Johnny Mitchell, 92nd CS infrastructure technician. “We pull the curtain down and show them a lot of opportunities. We have a lot of technology jobs that can take them far in life with the skills that they would learn.”

The event included two main parts, the first part included a briefing on Air Force communications and a tour of the 92nd CS building. The second part was a hands-on exercise where students got to work with communication equipment.

“Overall, the event is a positive way to foster community relationships,” said 1st Lt. Michael Brittan. “It allows the community to learn what we do here, gain insight about our mission and see we are people just like them.”

Check out the full article at:


Director Friday

Sandy Brown
VP Area Relations


Sandy has been involved with Lilac Festival since 1997. She enjoyed marching with the Mead band in the Lilac Parade while she was in high school. As an adult, she served as President in 2007, was the VP of New Directors, VP Royalty, VP Parade, and is currently the VP of Area Relations.

Sandy has a work background as the owner of Wandermere Golf Course, a food manager, and a secretary.

She likes volunteering for the Lilac Festival because she makes friends, acquaintances, and gives young girls the opportunity to grow and become young educated women.

Sandy says her favorite lilac memory is being President and watching the festival grow.

Thank you for all your hard work Sandy. We couldn’t do this without you!


Royalty Wednesday

This week, the 2018 Spokane Royal Court visited the VA Hospital in Spokane. They enjoyed spending time with veterans who bravely served our country. The princesses listened to stories told by the wisest seniors in the hospital.

The princesses appreciate every opportunity they get to volunteer in their community. It is especially important to them when they get to help members of the United States Military.

Local Veterans Art Show

Artwork by Veterans will be on display to the public at the Spokane VA Medical Center Community Living Center on March 8th 2018 from 1:30 to 3:30!
It is estimated that over 20 pieces of art from among several different categories will be exhibited.
Categories consist of fine art such as painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, applied art such as; ceramics, carving, needlework and leatherwork as well as craft kits such as; string art, fabric art and wood building.
Local artists will judge the artwork earlier in the day to determine first, second and third place in each category. The first place winning pieces will advance on to the national level where they will compete with entries submitted by Veterans from other VA facilities around the country.
The competition is an annual event that provides Veterans receiving treatment at VA facilities the opportunity to participate in creative self-expression in art, creative writing, dance, drama and music as part of their therapy, and to gain recognition for these artistic accomplishments.
First place winners from the national competition will be invited to attend the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival hosted this year by VA Central Iowa Health Care System in Des Moines, Iowa the week of October 29- November 5, 2018 with the art exhibit, creative writers meet and greet and stage show performance on Sunday, November 4, 2018.
If you are a veteran and are interested in being in the art show it’s not too late! For more information please contact Beverly Richards at 509-999-7855
Thanks Kraft Insurance for the information about this event! It’s exciting and something that everyone should go to!

2018 Royalty Candidate

Meet Cierra from West Valley High School.

After she graduates, Cierra would like to go to college to study English. Her dream job would be a teacher or book editor.

At the top of her bucket list is attending an Ed Sheeran concert, which she plans to do at the end of the summer! She also wants to become a teacher and publish a book one day.

Cierra’s hobbies are reading, writing, and listening to music. She enjoys playing with her twin nieces. In her downtime, she watches Disney movies. Of course, Cierra’s favorite Disney Princess is Ariel.

Welcome to the Lilac family Cierra!

Director Friday

Russ Brown
Treasurer, Past President (2006)

Russ has a bachelors in education and a masters in secondary administration. He worked with students at Medical Lake High School for 34 years. He spent 7 years as a business teacher, 10 years as Assistant Principal, and 17 years as Principal.

Russ has been involved with the Lilac Festival since 1996. His friend, John, Past President and Parade VP convinced him to start volunteering.

He says that working for the Lilac Festival is fun and rewarding. Russ’s favorite Lilac memory is being Lilac President and having all his grandkids in attendance. His granddaughter, Paige was also a Jr. Lilac Princess.

We couldn’t do this without you Russ! Thank you for all your hard work!

2018 Royalty Candidate

Meet Christine of University High School.

After Christine graduates, she wants to attend Whitworth University to study special education. Teaching is in her blood. She has been involved with volunteering at her mom’s school. Christine also has experience teaching Sunday school at her church.

In Christine’s downtime, she enjoys playing games with her dad and watching movies with her sister. She also loves to go golfing when she can.

One day she hopes to finish her bucket list. Christine wants to learn to skydive and travel to Europe.

If she could have any superpower, she would choose time travel so that she could visit past relatives and dinosaurs?

Welcome to the Lilac family Christine!

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